The Public Bath – the oldest SPA in Sibiu!

Closed last year for renovations, the Public Bath will return with a new concept, one that will turn the objective in a touristic one, unique in Romania.
The Public Bath’s renovation plan, is concentrating on emphasizing the landmark’s history and diversifying its services. Thus, due to the rehabilitation, repair and modernization works, two new levels of the historic building (erected 115 years ago), will be opened for the visitors.
The rehabilitation and modernization works of the Public Bath Sibiu, will lead to the expansion of the spaces destined to the visitors, by renovating the basement and the attic, levels that were closed in the past.
Moreover, the building will be equipped with an elevator, fitted also for disabled persons. The elevator will serve all floors of the building (from the basement, to the attic).

Deadline: March 31st 2020

The modernization works are possible due to the funding from the local budget.

You are welcome to follow here, the updated status of the works.

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