Since its opening and its more than one hundred years of activity, the Public Bath was known to the inhabitants of Sibiu under several different names. However, it has always been associated with health, relaxation and physical well-being.

From its outset, the Public Bath was designed in such a way, that a great number of people had access to facilities that were considered at that time to be luxury services. Thus, everyone could enjoy the facilities destined for personal hygiene, the swimming pool or the sauna at low prices.

Designed by German architects, the building combines several architectural styles and is one of the oldest public buildings in Sibiu and one of the official historical monuments in Romania. Few of the Romanian cities offer their residents the opportunity to take care of their health and at the same time relax in a unique ambience. 

The Public Bath Sibiu welcomes annually more than 75,000 visitors who want to benefit from the offered facilities: the pool, the Roman-Irish steam bath – unique in Romania for its fittings -, showers, massages, hairdressing, cosmetics, gym and even a launderette.

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